Web Design

Form...and function.

We like good design. More than that, though, we like functional good design, which is what we strive for with every site we put together. Websites, more than any other form of marketing, need to be functional first and foremost. For that reason, we're big fans of WordPress as a content management system. Not only does it allow for limitless design flexibility, but it allows us to hand the reins of each site to the client, should they choose to manage it themselves, without concern for site stability. That's a big change from old school web design and can save you both time and money.

Please feel free to browse through the examples here. ++

Seasons of Grace
A blog site whose readership has grown to over a million annually.
Palmetto Team Fitness
Bella Me 2.0
My Life at the World Trade Center
My Life at the World Trade Center, by Sharon Smith, is a harrowing story...

Bella Me Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Bella Me, LLC sells jewelry and fashion accessories online and through...
St. Linus Catholic Church and School
St. Linus Catholic Church and School website was a big undertaking...
Trade For It - Bartering Online
Easily the funniest barter site on the web...Trade For It. Bartering...
Mad-Jac Art & Design
The web-based portfolio of Mad-Jac Art provides space for a blog and an event...

Dancing Bear Lodge Rental
H. Louis Tooker, AIA
On a very short timeline, we constructed the online architectural portfolio...
All-American Construction & Woodworkers, Inc.
All-American Construction and Woodworkers, Inc. required a quick web presence...
Ardis & Lehn
Ardis & Lehn required an interesting web presence in the midst of further...

World Evangelical Deliverance Center
The WEDC required a simple web presence to keep their membership informed...
ARS Graphics
A simple website provided a framework for a portfolio of graphic works.
Bluebird Piano Studio
A portal for communication with current students and marketing to new ones.